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On Jan 17, 2007 an AME asked:

Dear Dr. Ogle; I am a physician in Alexandria, MN and I recently viewed your website. I am curious how your site links physicians with the zip code. When I type in my local zip (56308), my name is displayed, but when I type in a zip from 60 miles away (56296) my name is not displayed, however physicians that are much farther away (over 100 miles) are listed?

Response from FlightPhysical.com:

An excellent question. The ZIP code search function works by selectively expanding the radius by sequentially truncating the last digit (and making it a wild card) until the search engine returns at least 5 AMEs. There are many AMEs in a similar situation, and we list your official FAA address as primary. If you want to be listed preferentially in the 56296 or other ZIP code, then you simply arrange for a second listing with us (analogous to getting a listing in the yellow pages one town over). The cost for additional listings is a nominal $1 to $3 per month depending on how many you get. Some AMEs saturate their local markets in yellow pages ads and with us by purchasing up to 10 other ZIP codes. That is a very economical and effective way to promote your practice, and you can do that independently of the online scheduling or other upgradedecisions. If you do list in multiple ZIP codes, then each listing would be linked to your actual web site and online scheduling page (correct ZIP and Area code). FlightPhsical.com waives the additional listing fees for online scheduling subscribers.

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  • Online Schedulers get top ranking

  • Inside a subset of AMEs, ranking is alphabetical

  • AMEs can sign up for a promotional "details" statement "a la carte" for only $1.50 per month.

  • Activate with the AME Modification form or email the staff to upgrade to "paid" status.

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