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Full Instructions: Airman Medical History

Item 18. FAA Form 8500-8

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Excerpts from Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners
Application Process for Medical Certification

Applicant History - Item 18. Medical History
Instructions for filling out Item 18 on the FAA Form 8500-8

Each item under this heading must be checked either yes or no. Go back to review the list of items. For all items checked yes, a description and approximate date of every condition the applicant has ever been diagnosed with, had, or presently has, must be given in the EXPLANATIONS box. If information has been reported on a previous application for airman medical certification and there has been no change in the condition, the applicant may note PREVIOUSLY REPORTED, NO CHANGE in the EXPLANATIONS box, but the applicant must still check yes to the condition.

Of particular importance are conditions that have developed since the last FAA medical examination. If more space is needed, a plain sheet of paper bearing the applicant's full printed name, date of birth, signature, and the date should be used.

The AME must take the time to review the applicant's responses on FAA Form 8500-8 before starting the applicant's medical examination.

The AME should ensure that the applicant has checked all of the boxes in Item 18 as either yes or no. The AME should use information obtained from this review in asking the applicant pertinent questions during the course of the examination. Certain aspects of the individual's history may need to be elaborated upon. The AME should provide in Item 60 an explanation of the nature of items checked yes in Items 18.a. through 18.x. An additional sheet may be added if necessary.

Supplementary reports from the applicant's physician(s) should be obtained and forwarded to the AMCD, when necessary, to clarify the significance of an item of history. The responsibility for providing such supplementary reports rests with the applicant. A discussion with the AME's RFS may clarify and expedite the certification process at that time.

Affirmative answers alone in Item 18 do not constitute a basis for denial of a medical certificate. A decision concerning issuance or denial should be made by applying the medical standards pertinent to the conditions uncovered by the history.

Experience has shown that, when asked direct questions by a physician, applicants are likely to be candid and willing to discuss medical problems.

The AME should attempt to establish rapport with the applicant and to develop a complete medical history. Further, the AME should be familiar with the FAA certification policies and procedures in order to provide the applicant with sound advice.

Review Individual Portions of Applicant History:

Item(s) Description
1-2 Application For: Class of Medical Certificate Applied For
3 Last Name; First Name; Middle Name
4 Social Security Number (SSN)
5 Address and Telephone Number
6 Date of Birth
7 Color of Hair
8 Color of Eyes
9 Sex
10 Type of Airman Certificate(s) You Hold
11-12 Occupation, Employer
13 Has Your FAA Airman Medical Certificate Ever Been Denied, Suspended, or Revoked?
14-15 Total Pilot Time
16 Date of Last FAA Medical Application
17 a Do You Currently Use Any Medication (Prescription or Nonprescription)?
17 b Do You Ever Use Near Vision Contact Lens(es) While Flying?
18 Medical History
19 Visits to Health Professional Within Last 3 Years
20 Applicant's National Driver Register and Certifying Declaration
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